Fall brings the best apples!

It’s National Apple Day! And it’s the only season I can find the best apples — SweeTango! I discovered this variety several years ago at the Cornell University Orchard in Ithaca, NY. They are soooo good. But they’re hard to find. I found them this year at my local Sprouts. If you get a chance, give them a try! Sweet and crisp! 🙂 What’s your fave apple? https://www.google.com/search?q=national+apple+day+2023&oq=national+app&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUqDQgBEAAYgwEYsQMYgAQyDQgAEAAYgwEYsQMYgAQyDQgBEAAYgwEYsQMYgAQyBggCEEUYOTIHCAMQABiABDIHCAQQABiABDIHCAUQABiABDIHCAYQABiABDIHCAcQABiABDIGCAgQABgDMgoICRAAGLEDGIAE0gEINTQ5OGowajeoAgCwAgA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


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