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We’re a group of authors who write a variety of genres and read a little bit of everything. Join us as we read, write, garden, cook, travel, and observe the world around us. We’re parents and grandparents, artists, lawyers, librarians, and small business owners, who love to share stories, books we love, ideas, and inspiration!

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

C.S. Lewis

Recent Snippets

Fill ‘er Up

Have you noticed that most bottles and jars come half-empty? I was glad to see the Folger’s coffee can (no longer a can, now plastic) is filled almost to the top.

A wine for everyone

I recently had dinner at a restaurant in Colorado that specializes in local wines. Apparently, hundreds of them! It always surprises me to see the vast selection of wines available. I tend to find a couple of labels I like and stick to them. I …

You Know Your Child Is Grown When . . .

. . . You find a long list of alcoholic beverages in your car in your son’s handwriting, and realize there’s nothing you can (or should) say to him, because he’s thirty years old, and he was on a liquor store run for his grandmother. This …

Breaking the house rules

I got a laugh from this pic my daughter sent of the “grandkitty.” The cat is not allowed on the table. But . . . she found a loophole! I mean, really, what are boxes for?!

The Kansas City Museum

My husband and I recently visited the renovated Kansas City Museum. The only building now open to is the Corinthian Hall, which contains memorabilia from the Long family on the first floor and an overview of Kansas City’s history on the second floor. Much of the …

Who Visited Whom?

I spent an evening at a local library recently, and from my study room I saw these two fawns and their mother. They surprised and delighted me, but I don’t think I bothered them a bit. They didn’t even look up from their meal. What surprises have …