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We’re a group of authors who write a variety of genres and read a little bit of everything. Join us as we read, write, garden, cook, travel, and observe the world around us. We’re parents and grandparents, artists, lawyers, librarians, and small business owners, who love to share stories, books we love, ideas, and inspiration!

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

C.S. Lewis

Recent Snippets

Favorite Apps

Have you noticed that your favorite apps change over time? When I first got on social media, I followed Facebook closely. I still do, but I have a love/hate relationship with it. Too much advertising, and I can’t keep posts coming in chronological order. For…

Books, books and more books!

I’ve had one of my best reading months ever! Several books that I had on hold at the library for months suddenly came available, and so I’ve been on a reading roll! This month alone, I’ve read four 4- and 5-star books! Here they are:…

Tuscan Apple Tart

TUSCAN APPLE TART TUSCAN APPLE TART  November 15, 2022  Sally Jadlow Comments 0 Comment One of the best things I like about fall is the yummy foods containing apples and cinnamon. I learned about this recipe recently and decided to try it. I’ll share the recipe with you,…

Outpouring of Aprons

This Christmas I made aprons for all the ladies in the family (including the littlest one.) One of the ladies’ husbands (not pictured) remarked, “To give my wife an apron is like giving a blind man a telescope!” I take it she doesn’t cook much.  Each…


I posted recently that our weather in Kansas City this winter hasn’t been that bad (so far). But we have had our share of grey days. Recently, after one long grey day, I was rewarded by this image. There is hope.

Staying connected in winter is hard

I always find it hard to stay in touch with people during the winter. We go out less. Do less. With cold, short days, I tend to want to hibernate, or at least stay home where it’s warm. But I’m looking over my calendar and…