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Uncle to the Rescue

I almost feel bad saying this book was entertaining. A couple of bad things happen to a couple of kids. But their uncle (I find it beside the point that he happens to be gay) comes to the rescue and helps them through a difficult time. I enjoy books about family and relationships, and this one has some characters you can cheer for. There were some things I didn’t love, but it made me laugh out loud a few times, so I recommend the book!

New and Old Discoveries at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

I recently spent an afternoon at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. First, I walked through my favorite French Impressionist gallery, which I rediscover each time I go to the Nelson. I still had extra time, so next I went to the Nelson’s special exhibit on Art Deco. One of my book clubs recently read Appetite for America, by Stephen Fried, about the Fred Harvey empire. I was surprised and pleased to see that the Art Deco exhibit featured a dress worn by Betty Drage Harvey in 1933. She came to a tragic end, but she must have enjoyed

Suggested reading for the littles: Bandana Acres

This review warmed my heart. The fact that a reluctant reader liked it and wanted to share it with his 3rd grade class makes it all worth it! kathyjperry.com BECAUSE I SAID SO … AND OTHER ADVENTURES IN PARENTING, OCTOBER 6TH, 2021 CONNIE HILL (CONNIE CARPENTER) Bandana Acres: Nibbler and Captain Make Peace is written by Kathy J. Perry. This is part of the Bandana Acres series. While you will see all the same characters in the books, they are all stand alones. This book is great for ages 5-8. My son is 8 and in 3rd grade and was

My Books in the Library!

I was in the Woodneath Branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library recently and walked through their Read Local section where they feature books by local authors. Three of my books were on the shelf — Forever Mine, My Hope Secured, and Now I’m Found. My other two novels, Lead Me Home and Safe Thus Far, must be checked out because they are also in the Read Local collection. The books look well used. I’m glad. I love libraries, and I am delighted that the Mid-Continent Public Library has purchased my books. Do you read books by local authors? If there’s

Smart woman does science

Kept seeing this one on social media, so decided to give it a read. I enjoyed the topic of a woman making her way in the world of science and academia. Unpopular opinion: I did not love the unexpected interspersing of the dog’s point of view into the story. But I liked the characters, and the story held my interest all the way through! The chemistry-cooking show was fun!
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