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When the dictionary is of little help . . .

I recently looked up the spelling of a word. WikiDiff was the first thing that popped up. And this is what I learned: “Driveable” is “capable of being driven.” “Drivable” is “capable of being driven.” Good to know. But this doesn’t help me pick which version to use.

Happy Halloween!

This is as much decorating as I did for Halloween this year. This is the fourth year we’ve been in our home, and the first time I’ll be open for trick-or-treaters. In 2019, we were the only occupied house on the block. Only one family made it to our door. I hadn’t bought any candy, figuring no one would come down an (almost) empty cul-de-sac, and I promised them treats in 2020. But . . . pandemic. No trick-or-treating in 2020. Last year we were out of town. And so, this year I have no idea how many kids to

The Queen Rides

The Queen Rides in my car and waves to to anyone noticing. She makes me smile. How about you? Out and About

Fill ‘er Up

Have you noticed that most bottles and jars come half-empty? I was glad to see the Folger’s coffee can (no longer a can, now plastic) is filled almost to the top.

You Know Your Child Is Grown When . . .

. . . You find a long list of alcoholic beverages in your car in your son’s handwriting, and realize there’s nothing you can (or should) say to him, because he’s thirty years old, and he was on a liquor store run for his grandmother. This incident happened ten years ago. Son is now forty, and his grandmother still needs liquor store runs on occasion. What made you realize your child was grown?
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