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It’s National Mango Day!

Mango makes the best tea! I’ve had fresh mango in salads and mango salsa, but to me, the best way to enjoy Mango is in fresh iced tea! It’s one of the flavors I use for iced tea in the summer when I prefer something fruity. Sometimes, I mix it with peach or apricot or a tropical blend. Most recently, I picked up a new brand at a tea shop in Barcelona! That was fun! I found it hard to find a good unsweetened iced tea in Paris and Barcelona, so I bought a package of Magic Mango to make

National Lollipop Day!

When I saw that Lollipop Day was one of the National “holidays” for July, I knew I had to write about it. I went and emptied my purse and found that I had four lollipops in there. A raspberry Tootsie-pop, a cream soda Dum-Dum and a couple of other basic cherry-flavored pops. I always carry at least one! I can’t tell you how many times they’ve come in handy to calm down a fussy kid. Or satisfy a sugar craving. I got to be known by one kid who was a much-younger little brother of a musician in the high

It’s National Cherry Day!

Nice that National Cherry Day falls during cherry season. I’ve been picking up a few cherries every time I go grocery shopping since the season is so short. I prefer the dark Bing cherries. But I also enjoy cherry pie, cherry tarts, dried cherries, cherry nut ice cream . . . I like cherries. On a trip to France a couple of weeks ago, one of the bakeries had an amazing selection of berry tarts. We chose the cherry one, and it did not disappoint! Are you a cherry fan?

It’s National Pecan Pie Day!

I would’ve guessed National Pecan Pie Day would take place around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays because that’s generally when I eat pecan pie. Though I’ve never attempted to make one, it’s one of my favorite holiday pies. The rest of my family doesn’t care for it. So, I often choose to take one for a holiday gathering. That way, I can indulge and enjoy without eating the whole pie myself! (Or throwing half of it away) Sometimes if we’re staying home for the holidays, I order several small pies so that everyone gets what they like—apple, peach, and chocolate

National Seven-Eleven Day!

It’s National Seven-Eleven Day! This day is very special to me because it’s my son’s birthday. A memorable day for sure! I had kind of wished he’d be born on the 12th of July, because our daughter’s birthday and our wedding anniversary are both on March 12. Thought it would be nice continuity. But Seven-Eleven is a fun date. Has a nice ring to it, and the fact that there’s a national store by that name gives it a bit of popular flair and recognition. Makes it easy to remember. And getting a free drink at a 7-11 convenience store
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