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Proof of When I Couldn’t Write

I can’t remember not knowing how to read. But I have proof positive that I had to learn to write. In the back of my mother’s old Betty Crocker’s Good and Easy Cook Book (1954 edition), the index is covered in pencil scribbles. My pencil scribbles, circa 1958. Sometime during my toddler-hood, I decided I should write like Mommy and Daddy did. So I found the nearest pencil and the nearest paper—this cook book. And while my mother was otherwise occupied, I wrote. I think my mother was on the phone when I began my writing career. I knew as I

May Is National Photo Month

May is National Photo Month. Photographs are easier than ever to take and to share—with cell phones and social media we can record our lives by the day or by the minute. But will we remember what every snapshot depicts? The digital image might record the date and time of the picture. But unless we let a facial recognition program determine who is in the picture, we may forget who those people are. And unless we let our GPS post our location along with the photo, that, too, could get lost. Plus, the sheer number of pictures we take today


Last week I visited a small town in Missouri. The closest neighbors were out for their morning constitutional. We eyed each other warily. How do you get along with your neighbors?

What Was in Your Kids’ Easter Baskets?

When I was growing up, my Easter basket always contained a toothbrush and toothpaste. The Easter Bunny continued that tradition with my children, and sometimes added other useful items like socks. My children complained, of course. Particularly when the Easter Bunny kept the toiletries coming through their college years. But one year after my daughter was on her own, my husband and I met her over Easter weekend for some spring skiing. The Easter Bunny didn’t leave her anything. “Where’s my basket?” she asked. “I was counting on new toothpaste.” What did the Easter Bunny leave your kids this year?

It’s Still March Madness

Wowza! My alma mater is still going in the NCAA men’s college basketball run. I didn’t fill out a bracket this year, but the top spot always goes to the Jayhawks! 🙂 Fingers crossed for Monday night! Rock Chalk!
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