National Lollipop Day!

When I saw that Lollipop Day was one of the National “holidays” for July, I knew I had to write about it. I went and emptied my purse and found that I had four lollipops in there. A raspberry Tootsie-pop, a cream soda Dum-Dum and a couple of other basic cherry-flavored pops. I always carry at least one! I can’t tell you how many times they’ve come in handy to calm down a fussy kid. Or satisfy a sugar craving. I got to be known by one kid who was a much-younger little brother of a musician in the high school band for being the lady who had everything in her purse — tissues, wipes, crayons and paper and . . . lollipops!! When he got bored during concerts, he’d find his way to my purse. When my kids were little I used to tell them “love you all over like a cherry lollipop.” Not sure where that came from — probably a fight over the red pops in my purse! Considering my lollipop purse, my husband and I have actually laughed about the possibility of calling ourselves Lolly and Pop as grandparents! 🙂 We’ll see.

Who doesn’t like an occasional lollipop? My favorites are raspberry Tootsie-pop or cream soda Dum-Dum. What’s yours?


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