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An exciting but creepy visitor in the night

There’s always a chance of seeing some wildlife in Colorado. We often see deer. We always see hummingbirds as well as many other varieties of birds. Once, we had a fox on our front porch. But on our most recent trip to Colorado, we had a surprise visitor. We’re sad that we didn’t get to see it, but also kind of glad it came at night when we were safely tucked inside. No idea whether it was momma bear or poppa bear, but it left rather large paw prints on our porch and completely drained our hummingbird feeder! Never had

Summers at the Beach

For generations in my family, summer vacations have meant beaches. My mother used to vacation in Pacific Grove, California, where her mother had vacationed before her. My mother vacationed on Oregon beaches as well. I, too, relished summer vacations in Pacific Grove, and I also had my share of Oregon beaches. And after me, my kids traveled with my parents to beaches in Oregon and California. It’s been a year now since I walked on a beach. It’s time to go again, but I don’t see it happening soon. What are your favorite memories of summer vacations?

Summer Travels

August is a good month for summer travel. In Europe, it’s almost a given that people will flock to vacation spots for part or all of the month. Here in the United States, our vacations tend to take place any time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I won’t be going anywhere in August, but I had a week with my granddaughter in July. That will have to hold me for a while. But when I see flowers like this when I walk in my neighborhood, I can’t complain about staying home. What summer travels have you had this year?

Talking in the Elevator

I know everyone is thinking about chocolate today (and what a great excuse to indulge), but I found National Talk In An Elevator Day to be more intriguing. It’s always amazed me that two humans can occupy the same small space and essentially ignore each other. So I got in the elevator, determined to talk to whoever got in. Unfortunately, I was by myself both ways, so it was an odd conversation.

It’s National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day

One of the lesser known National Days is National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day, which takes place every July 7. My son-in-law has already taken my granddaughter (now five months old) on some hikes. The one pictured was in Colorado over Memorial Day weekend. My daughter is about to return to her job, and my son-in-law is taking parental leave for the next couple of months. He plans a lot more father-daughter walks (or hikes) this summer. Though he will be doing the walking for both of them this year.
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