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If you haven’t voted early, be sure to vote today. Whatever your political persuasion.

Tango lessons in Argentina

Me dance? Not on your life! Alas, I didn’t have a chance to say “no.”

Autumn isn’t over Yet!

Homes nearby are illuminated by the brilliant leaves! OOOOOH Kansas!

New and Old Discoveries at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

I recently spent an afternoon at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. First, I walked through my favorite French Impressionist gallery, which I rediscover each time I go to the Nelson. I still had extra time, so next I went to the Nelson’s special exhibit on Art Deco.¬†One of my book clubs recently read Appetite for America, by Stephen Fried, about the Fred Harvey empire. I was surprised and pleased to see that the Art Deco exhibit featured a dress worn by Betty Drage Harvey in 1933. She came to a tragic end, but she must have enjoyed

Visiting the Arabia Steamboat Museum

My daughter and I visited the Arabia Steamboat Museum this summer. I’ve lived in the Kansas City area for the bulk of my life, but I had never visited before. The Arabia was a steamboat the sank near Kansas City in 1856. Lots of interesting artifacts to look at and some videos describing the excavation project. It was an interesting visit.
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