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Oh, Say Can You See?

Several years ago on the Fourth of July, my son was traveling in the Netherlands. He walked past the U.S. Embassy in The Hague. Overcome with patriotism, he took this picture of the American flag waving proudly above the outpost of U.S. diplomacy. He wanted another picture, one with the Stars and Stripes unfurled to greater dramatic effect. So he loitered across the street from the embassy, waiting for the breeze to catch the flag. The Dutch police decided he was a threat. They pulled him aside and questioned him. He was apparently able to convince the local authorities that

The Problem with Freeways

See what happened to my windshield last week? Why is it that for my first forty years of driving I had no broken windshields, and in the last five years I’ve had three? And all of them on Kansas or Missouri freeways.

A Visit to the Nixon Library

Four years ago this month, my husband and I took his mother to Southern California. She had just turned ninety, and she wanted to see the places where she had grown up. In addition to seeing her old homes and schools in the Los Angeles area, we also toured the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. I thought the museum did a good job of presenting the complexities of Nixon the man and the President. The exhibits portrayed Nixon from poor Quaker boy to rising political star to his Checkers speech to his comeback and winning the Presidency to disgrace after Watergate

Memorial Day

Will your family be decorating graves this Memorial Day weekend? It was never a late-May activity in my family when I was growing up, but that’s because we lived in a town where we had no roots. My husband’s family has lived in the same county for five generations. They have many graves to decorate.

Lunar Eclipse Last Sunday Night

I knew there was a super flower blood moon (see NOTE below) predicted for last Sunday night, but I didn’t have any serious plans to watch it. I am usually fast asleep before night-time events occur. But I happened to wake up about 10:00pm. (Yes, I know, most people weren’t yet in bed.) So I went outside on my driveway to watch, and I’m glad I did. I took many pictures as the lunar eclipse developed and the earth blocked the sun from hitting the moon. This is my favorite shot. There is still a sliver of moonlight showing before
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