World Chocolate Day!

It’s World Chocolate Day! A perfect day to talk about the chocolate I sampled this past week in Paris and Barcelona. I bought a box of fancy chocolates from a shop at the Louvre and enjoyed them with champagne on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower and must have stepped into five or six different chocolate shops along the way. Many of the chocolates were gorgeous mini pieces of art—and delicious as well. Sadly, I’m sure I didn’t sample every one of them. But that leaves some for next time! 🙂 I wanted to bring home serious pounds of chocolate, but I was afraid it would melt and be ruined. And that would have been tragic! So I ate most of it there and only have a few pieces left that I carried home in my purse. My fave is dark chocolate with nuts. What’s yours?

World Chocolate Day

2 thoughts on “World Chocolate Day!”

  1. I’m not too picky when it comes to chocolates. Dark chocolate with fruity creams inside are wonderful. I like nuts, but I prefer creams and caramels inside.

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