Snow is a Four-Letter Word

Snow. Snow is a four-letter word. Snow means cold and gray days. It means the hassle of wearing hats and gloves and coats and scarves. It means difficult driving conditions, car accidents and shoveling injuries that can wreak havoc in lives.

I’m sad that we’re going to get frigid temps and a few inches of snow just in time for holiday travel. I’ve tried to get all my shopping and running around done, but there will have to be a last-minute dash to the grocery store for fresh produce. I’ll just have to bundle up and hope that the crews are able to clear and treat the streets.

Okay, I grant you that snow can be pretty. A frosty winter wonderland of snow-dusted trees can be a pretty sight when I’m curled up inside with a book and a warm beverage. Here in the Midwest, there’s no avoiding the flakes, so of course, I’ve made snowmen (and other assorted snow-figures) with my kids. I’ve done sledding and snow angels. I’ve gone snow skiing. And I know a lot of people love those things.

But they wear me out. I just wasn’t made for freezing temps! When people get excited about cooler temps in fall, I start to dread what comes next. I would enjoy fall a lot more if it didn’t lead to winter. If only we could go into “second summer!” Give me sunshine over snow any day. I’m good with building a sand “snowman” and viewing holiday lights on piers and boats.

I love Christmas, but as soon as it’s over, I’m reading for spring! Summer is my season. I enjoy the freedom of summer–longer days and pretty sundresses and sandals that don’t confine my feet. Pair those things with a cold beverage and a pool or ocean breeze, and I’m in my happy place. If given the choice, do you prefer summer or winter?

Either way, wishing you all a lovely holiday week. Stay safe and warm!



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