Real or Fake?

We still get a real Christmas tree. Every year I think it might be time to switch to artificial, but so far we still buy real trees. A Fraser fir tree if we can find it.

A friend of mine has an artificial tree that looks so real I had to check to be sure she hadn’t put it in water. If I got an artificial tree, I’d want a green one that strives to look real, not a frosted white tree.

Which are you — Team Real or Team Fake?


2 thoughts on “Real or Fake?”

  1. I’m on team live tree. It’s always a fun outing to find that perfect tree. I also love a Fraser fir. Keeping them watered and dealing with dropping needles can be a hassle, but we don’t have room to store an artificial one anyway. I’ve seen lots of pretty trees from aluminum to frosted to real. Love them all!

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