Hoping the harvesting pays off

I’ve been busy harvesting the seeds from my garden of zinnias and cosmos. Hoping that I can plant the seeds in the spring and have another robust and colorful patch of flowers next year. I have so many destructive squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits around my yard that I never know from one year to the next if everything I plant is going to be mowed down by the varmints. But the new garden not only survived–it was prolific! Gathering the seeds is easy. The spiky seeds from the cosmos are obvious and you just pinch them off. The zinnia seeds are a little trickier. You have to wait until the flowers turn brown and dry out, the you gently pull the petal out of the head to find the seed at the end of the petal. Cheers to a new crop of cheery flowers! Did you grow anything from seed this year?


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