National Avocado Day

My mother-in-law, born and raised in California, loves avocados. She couldn’t believe it when I told her early after I married her son that I didn’t like them.

Over time, and probably due to her influence, I learned to eat avocados. And now I even like them.

But I never knew how to cut them. How does one get the soft pulpy fruit off the seed?

Then one day, my daughter showed me:.

  • Slice through the skin down to the pit, and cut all around the vertical circumference of the avocado, then twist the two halves apart.
  • Then quarter it. Three of the quarters will have no seed.
  • In the remaining quarter, whack the seed hard with a knife (don’t cut yourself!).
  • Twist the seed off, then throw it away, and you will have a perfectly quartered avocado.

“How did you learn to do that?” I asked my daughter.

“Grandma taught me.”

Happy National Avocado Day!


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