The Best Book Bench

This amazing vista is in a public park in the city of Laguna. On vacation, I enjoy finding quaint bookstores, little free libraries and great places to perch with a book. We ran across the stunning setting when we were out exploring. The trails and walkways lead to the beach and water, and they are full of beautiful landscaping and some fun wildlife. From here, we saw seals and several kinds of birds. I could definitely spend some time curled up with a book and beverage! Where’s the best book bench you’ve ever discovered?


1 thought on “The Best Book Bench”

  1. This is the Best Book Bench! I love Laguna Beach, but I never saw a bench like this when I was there.

    My best bench is actually an Adirondack chair on my screened porch. But sometimes it’s hard to read when I’m staring at the trees and sky.

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