Galentine’s Day – Celebrate your besties!

Hi everyone! Darlene here. In 2010, I wasn’t an avid “Parks and Rec” viewer, so it took a couple of years for me to catch up and learn about “Galentine’s Day.” It’s a day to celebrate the women in your life – especially the friends who laugh, cry and travel this journey called life with you.

Technically, I guess it’s celebrated on Feb. 13. But, hey, Feb. 14 works, too, if you aren’t celebrating a romantic relationship. The day was the brainchild of Leslie Knope, the character played by Amy Poehler in the show Parks and Rec. She gathered together several friends for a gals brunch “full of waffles and love.”

Myself, I prefer a tea party or happy hour with a glass of wine and sharing chocolate cake or something decadent, but you do you. 🙂 The thing is, I think it’s a fabulous idea to celebrate our friendships! In fact, I hosted a little gathering with friends at my house over the weekend. It was soooo nice to connect for snacks and conversation and catching up with gal pals.

Goodhousekeeping Magazine explored the popularity and thinking behind Galentine’s Day in an article last year: “According to Mayo Clinic, not only do strong friendships provide a sense of belonging and purpose, improve our self-confidence, lower stress and help us cope with trauma and life challenges, there are physical benefits too. A strong social network may also reduce the risk of high blood pressure, decrease depression and even help us live longer lives.”

And from Psychology and Aging: “Those who put time and energy into really cultivating a few deep bonds said they were happier and more satisfied, overall.”

Who doesn’t get by “with a little help from their friends?” Happy Galentine’s Day to all. Hope you get to share a laugh, a drink or conversation with one of your besties!


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