Raspberries are ready!

If I had to grow my own food to survive, I would’ve starved decades ago. My husband and I have not had much luck growing foods over the years, but we do have a patch of raspberries that has produced fruit for several years now. It always surprises me when we get them — and when we get to harvest them before the birds do! Do you grow fruits or veggies?


2 thoughts on “Raspberries are ready!”

  1. I’ve planted a little herb garden on my screened-in patio. Animals can’t eat the herbs before I do!
    I’ve always loved gardening… well in California, where I grew up. I was pretty young when i planted my first big plot of carrots, radishes, chard, potatoes, all sorts of things. My brothers played, I grew stuff. Our temperaments have never changed–to this day! 🙂

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