Flowers thrive in summer sun

The property around my home is quite shady, thanks to several old, giant trees. So growing flowers is a challenge. I don’t have enough sunshine for most of the summer flowers to thrive. We have a few lilies and some roses, but the lilies have a short season, and the roses do well at the beginning of summer then kind of waste away. But I love flowers! So this year, we decided to dig up a spot that we can only see from one room in the house, but that gets full sun. Fingers crossed that it will soon be overflowing with colorful zinnias and cosmos—flowers I can cut and bring inside. We started them all from seed, and I’ve been careful to stay on top of watering, so I’m anxious to see how they fare. I really, really hope the rabbits and squirrels won’t munch them down, but I’ve already seen a couple of stalks missing their buds. 🙁
What’s growing at your place?


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