June…month of romance and weddings

It’s June, so naturally, thoughts turn to weddings as this is one of the most popular months for them. And what leads to weddings? Romance, of course! My romances tend to feature engagements more than actual weddings. But they all include the warmth of a little flirting, the heat of that first touch, and the sizzle of mutual attraction. Most (but not all) of my romance novels are what we call “sweet,” or PG-13, meaning the sizzle is there, but any bedroom activity is off-page. They also include some family drama, conflicting goals for the main characters, and plots that are believable. In other words, Romance that Feels Real. The one with the most heat is Something Good. The story is an emotionally packed contemporary romance novel with powerful chemistry, surprise twists, and tumultuous entanglements.
Says Kirkus reviews: “This tale featuring a Texas waitress evolves into an absorbing story of redemption that’s hard to put down.”
And from InD-Tale Magazine: “With surprising plot twists and unique character conflict, Something Good more than lives up to its name!”
By the way, the cute couple modeling for the cover of Something Good is getting married in real life this month! 🙂



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