And now the payoff begins

It’s always fun to watch something I’ve planted grow and thrive. At my house, it’s a struggle. We have many big, beautiful trees, which I love. But those trees house a lot of squirrels and provide a lot of shade–things that often work against me in my quest to grow a few flowers. We’ve got bunnies and chipmunks galore, and we do not have dogs to chase them away–more obstacles to growing things. But, hope springs eternal for gardeners, I guess. Last fall, my husband and I decided to try a new bed in a sunny spot and grow annuals from seeds. So we covered the grass with cardboard, which was kind of an eyesore through the winter. A couple of weeks ago, we finally got around to clearing out the dead grass and preparing the dirt. I’ve been diligently watering at least once, and sometimes twice, a day. And now, voila! We have sweet little seedlings erupting in the bed. Of course, there’s no guarantee the seedlings won’t fall prey to the varmints at this stage or once blooms appear, but I’m hopeful. Please send good gardening vibes my way! I’d really love to have a profuse bed of zinnias, marigolds and cosmos this summer! Have you had any success growing flowers from seeds?


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