Green Hills Library Branch

I am often out and about in Kansas City between one meeting and another with time to spare. In these down times, I try to find somewhere to sit comfortably and maybe get a little writing done.

Coffee shops are fine for this, but I don’t always want to add more caffeine to my diet. At those times, I choose to sit in a library.

There are several branches of the Mid-Continent Public Library in my traffic pattern. My latest find has been the Green Hills Branch of the MCPL system.

The Green Hills Branch opened in 2022, and it’s a clean, spacious facility with large windows and many types of seating. Not only is it comfortable, but it features a coffee bar inside, if I change my mind and decide I do want caffeine.

Later this year a culinary center will open in the Green Hills branch. This center will have a teaching and demonstration kitchen and two commercial kitchens for use by startup food businesses. (Hence the giant fork outside the entrance.)

Where do you hang out when you have spare time and want to be productive?


2 thoughts on “Green Hills Library Branch”

  1. HOME. But I may alter that setting when it comes to revising/editing my 7th novel, which is in “rough draft” format. If i change my setting, it would be to a quiet non-distracting place like a library. Humm…that’s a thought.

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