Black-eyed Susans

We did some landscaping last summer. I am not a gardener, so that means I hired someone to do it for us. In a corner of our backyard, we had five black-eyed Susans and five coneflowers planted.

This year, the black-eyed Susans are going gangbusters. Unfortunately, only one of the coneflower plants grew again this year. The coneflowers we have out front are doing well, but the backyard ones didn’t get enough water. But I’m grateful for the cheery black-eyed Susans.

Which landscaping projects have gone well for you and which have failed?


4 thoughts on “Black-eyed Susans”

    1. When we did the initial landscaping, we specified Missouri native plants. Most of the flowers and bushes have done well. We have had problems getting trees to thrive.

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