Lunar Eclipse Last Sunday Night

I knew there was a super flower blood moon (see NOTE below) predicted for last Sunday night, but I didn’t have any serious plans to watch it. I am usually fast asleep before night-time events occur.

But I happened to wake up about 10:00pm. (Yes, I know, most people weren’t yet in bed.) So I went outside on my driveway to watch, and I’m glad I did.

I took many pictures as the lunar eclipse developed and the earth blocked the sun from hitting the moon. This is my favorite shot. There is still a sliver of moonlight showing before the moon darkened to red. But you can see the red of the blood moon coming. We have a lot of light pollution in our subdivision, but the sight was still awesome.

NOTE: The “super” refers to the moon being at its closest point to the earth. The “flower” refers to the full moon being in May. The “blood” refers to the lunar eclipse when the full moon appears red.

Did you watch the eclipse?


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