The Tax Man Cometh

I hate the weeks leading up to April 15 (this year it’s April 18) when I have to gather all the information for our tax returns. I start worrying about this process in January, but don’t start doing anything until February. Or maybe March.

This year, I have been responsible not only for my husband’s and my joint return, but also for an LLC related to a family business my husband operates, as well as for my mother-in-law’s returns.

We use an accountant, but the process is no better than when I did our returns myself in TurboTax. Now, I have to gather the information sooner to get it to the accountant by mid-March, and I have to check up on the accountant. He sends draft returns to me every year with errors. I should deduct my time from his bill.

Does anyone out there actually like preparing tax returns?


3 thoughts on “The Tax Man Cometh”

  1. Tax returns are the only thing my husband and i have ever argued about over 50+ years of self prepared misery.
    Every year and the hostility lingers. This year we hired an accountant for only the second time. We really like him except I hate uploading documents to his portal. He has been very tolerant for my fumbles and now I am proficient. And yes, he made a slight error in the draft. It did not change the bottom line. We are keeping him.

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