Power to the paper products!

Even though almost all my writing and a lot of correspondence is now done digitally, I still love office supplies and paper products. I have journals and notepads and fancy folders, and I love wandering through card and gift shops that still carry such things. I carry a notepad in my purse, still make paper lists and use a paper calendar! Have you made the switch to digital everything?


1 thought on “Power to the paper products!”

  1. I love journals! I buy them for myself and love them as gifts.

    But then, other than my daily journal (which has to be in a specific sized volume with lined pages), I hate to actually sully their pages by writing in them. I do have one journal where I’ve kept notes of all the things I’ve learned about writing over the years — plot, dialogue, characters, etc., etc.

    Highlighters and Post-Its — those are other favorites. Fancy folders I can do without.

    So no, I haven’t made the switch to all digital. Though I now much prefer to type my notes during conferences and webinars, rather than taking notes by hand.

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