Flipping a House is Hard Work!

My husband and I love to see big things happen in sad houses. We’re working in our third house (outside of the one we live in) and it keeps us young (or makes us old). I’m not sure which. He’s the rough-in guy who comes up with the BIG ideas and does the hard work of tearing things up, building walls, installing cabinets, building stairs, etc. He does all the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and gas work, too. Even with a bad ankle and torn up finger. I’m the finish person: painting, setting tile, a little useful decor, cleaning up, etc. We make a good team. I’ll post some pictures when we’re done (maybe two months).


2 thoughts on “Flipping a House is Hard Work!”

  1. I am not handy, and neither is my husband, so flipping houses would probably lead to divorce.

    But I’m in awe of people who can do these things, and I’m looking forward to seeing your end product.

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