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In Memoriam, Joyce Ann Brown

For the past several years, Joyce Ann Brown was a member of Write Brain Trust, the indie author publishing group that is behind this Of Books and Nooks website. Joyce passed away last month after a few months’ illness.

The other Of Books and Nooks authors have special memories of Joyce, her writing, and her contributions to our joint marketing efforts. For example, Joyce and Theresa Hupp spent a rainy April weekend marketing their books at a local festival a few years ago, an event which cost them more than they made, but Theresa enjoyed spending time with Joyce.

Those of us in the Of Books and Nooks group will miss Joyce, as will all her family and friends. 

Joyce wrote cozy mysteries featuring a landlord and a cat. In real life, she was a landlord as well as a writer, and she loved cats. If you like cats and cozy mysteries, you might take a look at Joyce’s books.

If you have a fond memory of Joyce, please post it in the comments.


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  1. I enjoyed several book/author events with Joyce. Seems like we traipsed all over town selling books and talking to readers. She was always enthusiastic about making connections and taking action to reach readers. She’ll be missed!

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