Getting out of the house . . .

Not long ago, there I was changing shoes at 12:35 before the twenty-five minute drive to a one o’clock appointment with my hair stylist. And so I didn’t notice until she pointed it out after she’d trimmed my hair that I’d accidentally put on mismatched shoes. I suspect I’m not the first person to do that though.


2 thoughts on “Getting out of the house . . .”

  1. Ha!

    I’ve done this. Back in the day, I wore pumps to work every day. I had a pair of navy pumps and a pair of brown pumps that were the same style. One day, I wore one of each. I got all the way to the parking lot of my building before I realized. I turned around, drove home, changed into the appropriate pair, and drove back to work. I lost my good parking place, but I kept my dignity.


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