Joyce Brown

Racism and Inequality in Literature

Over the past year, I have read advice about how to help combat racism and inequality. Most recommendations involve educating oneself about the minority experience by reading, asking questions, and listening with an open mind, rather than relying on prior-held beliefs.  Daily life for me includes writing mysteries. Using diverse characters in my books without …

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man snoozing on couch with book

Reading Nonfiction

Some people take a little snooze in front of the TV on Saturday afternoon. Some get drowsy while reading a good book after a busy day. He enjoyed John Adams by David McCullough, but he was tired. Joyce

library decatur island

Libraries: for Everyone, Everywhere

What a find! Out on an automobile-free island in Puget Sound, we hiked to the top of a hill. There we found a tiny but lovely library, built by the local school children for the adults on the island. The donated books were all good reads! Joyce

Cat Detective

Oreo the cat climbs around the house at will. Once, after looking everywhere for a bag of clothespins to make a display, my sister searched a storage closet for the third time. While she looked, Oreo jumped onto a shelf, pawed a path to the back, and revealed the bag of pins. Joyce